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Transplanting with Azo Super Concentrate

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Pre-amending Soil with Rainflo machinery

Small scale hemp farming

Multiple methods of application; top dress, mix with water

General information and application on smart pots of
Growth 7-4-4

SKUNK TV presents: "Soil King"
Episode 2 - Mr. B's Green Trees

Skunk TV presents: "Soil King"
Episode 9 - Dry Application of Mr. B's Green Trees

MR. B's Green Trees - Organic Top Dressing Nutrients for
Outdoor & Indoor Gardens amending Soil

UPDATE #1 - Mr Bees Green Trees
Review in the Garden | Garden with Mr. B's Green Trees


We pride ourselves on making easy to use products, and that of course includes application. No need for eyeglasses or special tools, our formulas allow plenty of margin for error, so you can garden with confidence!
Sure! You just need to cut back the rate of application accordingly. I like to use food analogies; we could eat pizza for dinner, we could eat pasta for dinner, but you wouldn't eat a full dinner of pizza and a full dinner of pasta. You'd cut the amount of each in half to make a full serving. Same with fertilizers, reduce accordingly.
Nope! These products are formulated to maximize NPK, while preserving soil biology. Soil biology (in the form of compost teas) should be added to replace what is lost through the season (works great with all Mr. B's Green Trees products).
Sure! But that is more of a nutrient tea. Compost teas are just that; compost. They are designed to promote and introduce biology to the soil. Our fertilizers are best used in conjunction with a true compost tea, to help further break them down and make the nutrients available. Need a tea recipe? Shoot us a message! We have great ones.
What doesn't! From the sourcing of the premium input materials, to the formulations themselves, we manufacture with your success being our first priority. You spend a lot of time researching the perfect product for your garden; look no further.

Have questions about your plants or our products? We are here to help! Call us, chat with us, or create a GrowFile for customized tech support.


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